More reasons to shop online this season

Are you spending more time scrolling through products on shopping sites than on inane Facebook posts? If yes, you are entering the all engulfing addiction of online shopping.

As the summer sun mans up, it’s time to do a roundup of what worked and what didn’t in the build up to this fashion season. Style ‘faux’ icons Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married. Kate Upton floated through zero gravity in a bikini and India got a new government.  

But we are here to talk about online shopping and little do these inane events have to do with shopping trends. An interesting update has been Myntra’s merging with Flipkart and a lot of online shoppers are already feeling curious about how the new collection will look like. Here are some stuff I found interesting:

The India Online Fashion Week: Here are the signs of high fashion entering the online domain for the first time. While this concept is still at its nascent stages, it is definitely a start to something that will decide online fashion in the future.

India Fashion League: This is definitely a cheesy promotional campaign. It is just another retailer looking to ride the IPL fever in the country but this is definitely a good example of how online retailers are leveraging offline and traditional media to increase their user base.

So while fashion enters new territories and expands its horizons, shoppers across the globe will need to keep an eye out for this incredible shopping orgy that will begin with the supply chains shortening through online retail and its rapidly increasing grip on the fashion industry.

My take on this

I shop online regularly and I am witnessing this incredible opportunity for retailers and shoppers alike in the space. At Finest Fetcher, we are constantly trying to figure out how to make your shopping experience better and so we figured that we will be providing tips and tricks about how be a better online shopper. Stay tuned to this blog for more insights on online shopping!


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