More reasons to shop online this season

Are you spending more time scrolling through products on shopping sites than on inane Facebook posts? If yes, you are entering the all engulfing addiction of online shopping.

As the summer sun mans up, it’s time to do a roundup of what worked and what didn’t in the build up to this fashion season. Style ‘faux’ icons Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married. Kate Upton floated through zero gravity in a bikini and India got a new government.  

But we are here to talk about online shopping and little do these inane events have to do with shopping trends. An interesting update has been Myntra’s merging with Flipkart and a lot of online shoppers are already feeling curious about how the new collection will look like. Here are some stuff I found interesting:

The India Online Fashion Week: Here are the signs of high fashion entering the online domain for the first time. While this concept is still at its nascent stages, it is definitely a start to something that will decide online fashion in the future.

India Fashion League: This is definitely a cheesy promotional campaign. It is just another retailer looking to ride the IPL fever in the country but this is definitely a good example of how online retailers are leveraging offline and traditional media to increase their user base.

So while fashion enters new territories and expands its horizons, shoppers across the globe will need to keep an eye out for this incredible shopping orgy that will begin with the supply chains shortening through online retail and its rapidly increasing grip on the fashion industry.

My take on this

I shop online regularly and I am witnessing this incredible opportunity for retailers and shoppers alike in the space. At Finest Fetcher, we are constantly trying to figure out how to make your shopping experience better and so we figured that we will be providing tips and tricks about how be a better online shopper. Stay tuned to this blog for more insights on online shopping!


Explore a new YOU!

Image is the ocular representation of an individual – in an external form. As we have sauntered into a contemporary, more open and progressive society, our image has also begun playing a pivotal role not just in the way we physically appear, but also in the way we are perceived by others in our everyday lives.

Each individual has a unique image that stands true to them. But how many of us actually pay close attention to the details of our image and the way we externally represent ourselves?

Does this really matter or is it of any importance – to a regular, normal person? Let’s say, a working individual or a housewife? Most often we regard these thoughts as those which belong to only the rich and famous, and we shun them aside by telling ourselves – who really cares about the way we look or the kind of image we portray? But the reality is that each one of us (consciously or subconsciously) portrays a certain image, no matter where we come from, what background we belong to, or where / who we are in life at the moment.

So why not accept this universal truth and focus on working objectively to truly discover whether we do or do not put forth a good image, and irrespective of the answer, would we like to improve or change the same? I believe that every individual has some or several unique qualities, and can look great if they concentrate enough on their image.

The question now is how to get the right image and thereby derive optimum value from our own personality? Look around, and most important ask yourself if you’re truly happy with your current image? Or do you need help in this direction?

Being an image consultant, a personal shopper, and by working with individuals having varying needs in the style sense, I have realised we need a little push at times to completely discover ourselves. Very often we ask people close to us – maybe a family member or a friend – for validations about how we look, dress etc. Instead, how about getting an unbiased perspective by going to an expert who enjoys dressing people up to match their personality?

The answer again seems like – ‘Really, an image consultant? Who is that, and why would I even need one? I’m just an ordinary person doing a job, or managing a home… who really cares?!’ Or it could also be that you are apprehensive about needing an image consultant in the first place.

I decided that through Finest Fetcher Image Consultancy services, I would reach out to those individuals who are apprehensive about their image; and / or would like an image makeover; and / or would just simply like to understand certain basic rules which we often fail to see when we dress ourselves.

I worked with few of my clients, and tailored a session that would work for them individually – so when they finished with a 1.5 hour session, they felt that they were now well equipped to dress their best and therefore feel more confident.

Now about the part that people are always worried about while opting for an image consultancy – Pricing! For a service like this, I kept the pricing minimal because my aim is to help people, my philosophy is to see them get what they want and make optimum use of their physical traits that already flatter their looks and bodies. 

Finest Fetcher Image Consultancy is one with a difference. The primary reason why it is different is because I aim to reach far more people than just the elite! I don’t cater to the elite alone but also to ‘normal’ individuals who love themselves and give themselves maximum priority when it comes to being who they really are! And this starts at looking good and naturally, feeling great!  

I do hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Please leave your comments, and I will be offering 5 free consultations to the first 5 people who leave their names in the comment box. So come try this, and experience a change!

Entering the kitchen of dreams

The smell of coffee brewing, some cookies baking in the oven.Then moving on to preparation of the evening supper/dinner. Here’s where I sit and plan my days in the mornings. This is also where I like to end my day because nothing makes me happier than to make a meal for the ones I love. We talk of a space where all of the above is possible-a home,a house and the most intrinsic part of our home, the kitchen.

No home is complete till the kitchen is functional.Kitchen is a place that involves maximum character or is sum total of the space that each individual creates.

So Here’s some special kitchen ware designed for those who are looking to make the most important part of their homes extra special.

Katie Alice Postcard Range- set of 6 coastersOpulence- Set of 4 Round Mats Pink Bloom
There’s nothing more unique than adding a vintage touch to your home.Keeping this sensibility and understanding the uniqueness of this feel, Master Kitchen has bought to us some splendid vintage kitchen ware designed by lifestyle products designer Katie Alice.
Each piece in this exquisite collection adds value to your kitchen’s design.The designed pieces speak volumes about your own style statement and give a state-of-the-art feel to the place.

Vintage Kitchen Ware from Katie AlicSet of 3 Nesting Cake TinsTwo Tier Cake stand stunningly crafted. Make a great gift!

Bring in ease to your shopping concerns

The media is abuzz with exciting offers this season and I know it’s tempting. But have you ever wondered how much of these goodies on offer are in line with your personal taste or style, as a ‘consumer’? Most often than not, the answer is No. And you often wonder why.


online shopping

That’s because every brand comes with a mind of its own – its own fashion sense and philosophy. Most often, we buy into this philosophy because: A) We don’t know better and / or B) We want to buy into the brand primarily for the brand value and / or C) Because it seems like an easy choice.

ImageImage    Whether it is a special occasion, an important event, or just any sphere where you’d like to put your best foot forward – do you really make the right choice in what you select? Not always but often, the answer again is No.

 I am not saying this because I am biased – it is simply because many a times we end up making the wrong choices when we find ourselves under pressure to put forth that perfect look. Honestly and practically speaking, this doesn’t just apply to the way we portray ourselves visually, but also holds true when we have to make other choices that reflect our core personality – be it the choices in our wardrobes, or for that matter even our homes.



At such a stage, you wonder if you could get help to handle these details which may appear routine and minor on the surface, but to actually put things together to fit like a solved jigsaw puzzle, that too in the midst of balancing work and home seems like a cumbersome and tedious task. It is at such a stage that you need assistance. Because looking your best at all times and putting your best foot forward in every sphere is becoming the norm of the day.

 So how about a service that helps you do all this and more, not just with ease but also with style! 


Finest Fetcher Personal Shopping service– styles hand picked and customised to perfectly compliment and suit your tastes, and your unique personality.

FF B DIFFERENT   Having spoken about “philosophy”, it is imperative for me to tell you more about Finest Fetcher’s distinct philosophy, which is coming up sooner than you expect! Until then, keep watching Finest Fetcher’s space – which is always buzzing with interesting posts and updates!


Fashion Icon Profiling: Miroslava Duma

Whats fashionable may not necessarily be stylish. I believe that anything trendy or fashionable needs to be styled well to give an individual a look that stands apart. Keeping this in mind, today we talk about my favourite street style icon,Miroslava Duma.


Also known as Mira by her close associates, 28 year old Miroslava is daughter of Vasilay Duma, a Russian senator. A style icon, a model and an entrepreneur, Miroslava is a name to reckon with in the global fashion industry.

Duma in a Lavin cape


What makes Miroslava my personal favourite? Miroslava interests me mainly for her pint sized frame (a serious similarity with me). Her style inspires me and and convinces me further that size has nothing to do with the way one carries off fashion. Her signature style is a brilliant combination of classic and chic with hints of quirkiness ( I am a big fan of quirky fun styles) that adds this edge to her personality. She chooses an eclectic mix in her clothes and accessories and the confidence she exudes while she does this, makes her a real trend setter.


Jason WU & Charlotte Olympia Spring summer 2012

mira white dress

Mira uses colour blocking as a styling device.

But this style icon has more than just beauty and fashion sense. Miroslava is the ex editor of Harpers Bazaar Russia and now runs a website called Buro 24/7. For a young girl, Duma has achieved unforeseen heights in the Russian and global fashion scene. At the same time, her entrepreneurial ventures have yielded great recognition as well.

mduma paris fashion week

Mira @ Paris Fashion Week 2013


A fun look,Mira in a Zara dress

Choosing some of my favourite styles from this Russian “it girl” was a tough deal as she exudes style in more or less anything she adorns,but luckily I managed to put together some of this fashionistas chic and classy style quo.

My next big challenge was to gather some of these styles and create that perfect Duma look. So I scouted designers, stores and the flea market to find out clothes, accessories and shoes for that perfect petite chic look.

Like me, if you think that Miroslava is your style icon and you would like to incorporate some of these looks in your wardrobe you  can  get in touch with me directly at Finest Fetcher to get this subtle glam look.

10 Things your wardrobe needs this season

Hello all! This is my 1st blog piece @Finest Fetcher.I am a personal shopping consultant. Fashion and style are definitely my passion. So,if you share the same feeling , it is time you find out what you need to have in your wardrobe this season. While putting this together I scanned shops, designer collections and trends across the country to come up with a chic and stylish list of must-have’s that your wardrobe is incomplete without:

Here’s a  finely fetched list to add that spunk to your wardrobe:

Go metallic –Metallic sneakers are making a rage this season. These comfortable shoes make your super active day look glam. Ideal for pairing with a sporty, casual attire on a super active day. 

  mettalic 2pierre-hardy-gold-30mm-metallic-leather-high-top-sneakers-product-2-3855929-553280651_large_flex

Box Clutch – While we women always want more space in our bags to fill in with our goodies, the box clutch is a chic alternative for those classy evenings with your boo or sexy girlfriends. Carry it with a dress, a gown or even some ethnic hangings.

P00059675-DUKE-BOX-CLUTCH--DETAIL_2         pink-box-clutch-3


Chunky gold necklace – Though gold is not every girl’s BFF, coz I know many of you prefer its silver or white cousin. This season the ghetto is in and I suggest something chunky and clunky to compliment your look. Clunky jewellery works well with both casual and formal attire. You can even get one to match your sari or business suites as per your style quo!

Finest Fetcher Chunky 2Finest fetcher image chunky gold

The racer front – Here’s for some serious sex appeal. Show off those shoulders and pronounced collar bones with this super chic cut. We have seen the racer back for years but this season its making its appearance in the front!


The Bold Cuff – This one is my personal favourite, it makes a statement wherever you go. I tried it with jeans, an evening dress and even a monochromatic look and the compliments just wouldn’t stop! The choices are unlimited. From stone studded detailed ones to the simple gold or silver cuffs, pick a size and style that you most identify with! 



The digital print  –  These prints are a must-have every season, not  just this. Pair them with  a funky jacket or even an  elegant shrug and you get a year-long eye-turner!

digi print

Crossover Tanks – These tanks are available in retro graphic prints, pastels and monochromatic shades. What more can a fashionista ask for? Here is a tank that blows you away and flatters most body types.
cross over tank


Pumps –Pumps are in and they are flooding the scene this season. This pair looks great in bright colours paired with skinny jeans or leggings. The ballet pump’s are great if you want to keep it comfortable.However, I recommend the high heel hot pink pumps or the classic Nudes  for women who want to exude some oomph. You cannot go wrong with these! 


Short suits – These made waves on the runway with designers like Jil Sander who showed some seriously feminine suits. If you are looking to pull off some serious chic-ness at office on a Friday or that casual lunch, this is the right choice. This is an ultra modern interpretation of high-end menswear and is not for the faint hearted.

pastel short suit       floral-shorts-suit-details-final

Platform shoes or Wedges – Do high heels scare you?  Platforms and wedges are high heel alternatives that give you the right mix of comfort and style. I remember being ecstatic when I saw them for the first time and they never seem to go out of fashion!

platform shoes